use cases


User-to-User Messaging

  • Anyone who uses messaging to chat with their friends can use Mozi.
  • Decide where you want to Mozi, and make plans with your friends.
  • Store and share you social plans easily within the app.
  • Do all this without leaving the Mozi app.
  • See below for more reasons you'll want to use Mozi.

Service Industry Professionals and Followers

  • Industry professionals can share when and where they are working, so their followers can come see them and show their support.
  • Industry professionals and followers can directly message each other about specials, give feedback, etc.

Establishments (Bars and Restaurants) and Followers

  • Establishments can communicate directly with groups of followers
  • Patrons can give establishments a heads-up that they are coming and what their group size looks like and ask questions.
  • Establishments can build a following and list out their events for their followers to be able to easily share.
  • Establishments can poll their followers to find out what shows they would want them to host, drink specials they would be interested in, drinks they should serve, or any other things that can help draw bigger crowds.

Bands and Fans Communication

  • Bands can share their gig times and locations with their fans.
  • Bands and fans can directly communicate with each other and book weddings, other venues, new types of gigs, receive positive feedback, etc.

Student Communication

  • Classmates can create group chats for class projects or study groups.
  • Study group members can suggest times and locations for when and where to meet.
  • Students can share a Mozi handle to connect with your classmates versus giving their personal cell phone number.  This is one way to increase student safety.

Professionals and Client Communication

  • Professionals can separate their business contacts from their personal life.
  • Mozi will allow clients and professionals to have direct chat communication with each other, which will alleviate the need for quick chats to go through traditional email format.
  • This will allow clients and professionals to quickly suggest meeting times and set up off-site lunch or corporate meetings.